Volunteer Clearances

What clearances are needed?

We can accept  Criminal History clearances. Please submit the clearance before the start of Bible School.

Criminal History

  • Go to https://epatch.state.pa.us/
  • Select “New Record Check”
  • On the next page select “Individual Request”
  • Complete the form. Select “Volunteer” as reason for request
  • Review information select “proceed”
  • Complete the Record Check Request form then select “Enter This Request”
  • On the next screen (duplicate of the one previous) you do not need to enter any information. Click on “View Queued Record Check Requests (1)”
  • On the Next Page, “Record Check Request Review”, click on “Submit”
  • Click on the Control # (It starts with an R, to the left of your name in the chart)
  • Click on “Certification Form” and print / save your form. You must print or save the certificate. Once viewed you will have no further access to the certificate
  • Send the obtained clearance to clearances@marcushookbpc.org